Brown’s boatyard, North haven

During a visit to North Haven, the ferry worker suggested to our photo group that we visit Brown's Boatyard, located next to the ferry dock. Upon entering the big old wharf building, we were greeted by a friendly senior black lab as we sought out the owners to inquire if we could wander about and take some photos. 

Having come from a sailing family and being surrounded by boats throughout my youth, I felt instantly at home surrounded by the wood shavings and old nautical paraphernalia.  

We found current owner, Foy Brown (the fourth generation to run the business), who reluctantly agreed to sit for us and have his portrait taken. He let us know we certainly were not the first to ask. He told us a bit about the business as various grandkids wandered in and out.

As we were leaving on the ferry at the end of the day, the sun had come out and I saw various men sitting in the old random seating by the open wharf door. I suspect they were gossiping about the happenings on the small island as had been done for generations before them and will likely be done for generations to come.

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