Studio J Bone


In September I took a weeklong workshop, Documentary Camera, at Maine Media in beautiful Rockport, Maine. Part of the coursework included finding, shooting and editing a short documentary piece featuring a local subject. I had been spending some time in the area over the summer and while driving down RT 90 in Warren, Iā€™d pass a large, curious metal sculpture and handmade sign, Sculpture by J Bone and peak down the driveway to glimpse an intriguing outdoor sculpture park. I tracked down the artist, and was very happy when he agreed to be the subject for my piece.

J Bone (aka Jay Sawyer) and his adorable pup, Maggie warmly greeted me and a fellow student at the gate and shared with us stories about his background, his career and his inspirations while touring us around his enchanting property where his sculptures were strategically situated. I was inspired by J Bone for honoring his skills, following his passions and making his dream of living an artistic, independent life a reality.

J Bone's clever new series, Sculpture Soup, has been met with enthusiastic acclaim and is currently on display at University of Maine in Farmington until November 3, 2016.

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